Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cupcake Love-Fest

I have mentioned this before, but I teach a group of fantastic high school students who are members of the elite and amazing AVID program.  Among many other important things (such as college prep and academic support), one of the foci of the program is creating a network and support group between students.  We spend a lot of time bonding and connecting, and AVID becomes somewhat of a second family - for all of us.

This year, another AVID teacher at my school and I had the idea to do a sort of "Cupcake War" themed event - pitting our two classes against one another to see who had the most decorating prowess.  The result? A day of fun, bonding, a HUGE mess, and lots of crazy looking cupcakes!  See below for the adventure, and to observe how I am insuring the cupcake love lives on in my students!

All the kiddos hard at work!
Great use of candy decorations!

A great tropical getaway!

Inspired by the day - 

Interesting use of candies...

These girls came to play - Fondant anyone?

Hard at work - they made a soccer field!

It reads Bui v. Fujii - it's war!

Inspired by the love!

The giant cupcake - looked a bit like a poop...
The cupcake eating cupcake!


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