Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The end of the school year always means a LOT of baking for the Fujii household. I must have gone through a few pounds of butter at least, in the last couple of weeks.  I like to have a beautiful cupcake sitting on the students' desks when they walk in.  It takes some of the edge off of their final.  Not all, but some!

Last night, I tackled a new recipe - Martha Stewart's Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with her Seven Minute Frosting.  They were fairly simple, smelled delicious, and they were gobbled up, crumbs and all!  I loved the frosting, which was surprisingly thick - though it doesn't really look it.  It had a great sheen to it, and made for a very festive piece of desk art!

Oh Bebe!!

I consider myself lucky in many ways.  But lately, I am lucky because people know how much I love cupcakes.  And so, if they think they need to thank me for something, cheer me up, or just have an extra - I get cupcakes.  Homemade, fancy pants, stationary, boxes and trinkets.  You name it!  I love it!  Most recently, my AVID class put on a celebration for the senior AVID students.  Of course, we had cupcakes (as well as many other tasty treats!).  My friend, who teaches the senior class, wanted to give me a thank you, and so - you guessed it!  Cupcakes!  Beautiful, delicious, perfection.  Read on for more on these Bebe Cakes...oh bebe...

First of all, check out the packaging on these babies!  I mean, they certainly are not green, but they also look like a beautiful gift that you just want to stare at and salivate before you tear it open (being very careful not to cut yourself on the sharp plastic corners...lesson learned, people).

My wonderful friend chose some pretty amazing flavors.  In fact, the first one didn't make the photo session because I couldn't wait to eat it (hence, the sharp corner advice -__-...)  I love the names of this company - very fun and humorous.  The one that didn't make the session?  Pucker Up - lemon, summer, delicious.  In my tummy.  Loved it.

Blue Haired Lady

This baby was delish - and look at the presentation!  That frosting is like a soft cloud of frosting...yum-o!  Blue Haired lady is described as "intense chocolate cake - lavender infused buttercream frosting."  I am not really one for lavender, but it was so light, and barely detectable.  The cake was moist.  Overall, this was a beautifully elegant summer cake!  Loved it!

Latin Bombshell

When Amy read me the description for this one, I almost melted.  Get this: "Intense chocolate cakre - dulce de leche filling, chocolate cream cheese frosting drizzled with chocolate caviar."  Do you NEED any more information to go out and get one of these right NOW?  This should really be a dietary staple.  Again, beautiful decoration - I love the simplicity of both of these, and how beautifully fluffy that frosting looks.  I'm not really into a ton of frosting, but it sure looks pretty and rich!  And it was!  The filling was so rich, gooey and delicious.  A must have!

Miss Scarlett

Loved this classic red velvet cake.  Very moist, not too much coloring - notice how it is a deep red color?  And again with the pillow top frosting - notice this is different from a muffin top, which is what I'm going to have because of eating all of these cupcakes.  But, it's for research!  

Overall, I would give the taste and presentation a solid 4 cupcakes.  I only wish that they were a bit more "green", despite the beauty of the current boxing.  I also wish they were closer to me :)


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